My training is heavily based on fundamental obedience.  Whether a dog is going to be a great house pet or a Field Champion, they first must have a solid obedience foundation.  The primary training principle s trial and success, NOT trial and error.  Although correction is sometimes necessary, I try to build from sound fundamentals and place the dog in a situation where they will succeed and be praised for success.

While my focus is on field training, I am happy to apply fundamental obedience to pets for owners who do not hunt.  Generally, a month is adequate time to ran a dog to be obedient.  I do not offer a crash course or boot camp.  I train dogs with a gentle, nurturing approach and allow them to learn at their own pace.

I will train your dog with the same loving patience as I train my dog.

Prospective clients are encouraged to come out during the week to watch a training session.

All dogs must have documentation of rabies, distemper and bordatella prior to admission to the kennel. NO EXCEPTIONS

General Training Timeline

Spaniels and Flushing Dogs

Week 1                              Obedience

Week 2-5                           Trained retrieve and Introduction to quartering

Week 6-7                           Flushing birds, Steadiness from heeling position

Week 8-9                           Steady to flush on un-shot birds

Week 10  and beyond     Steady to wing and shot.  Start handling drills: lining to pile, 3 hand cast, single T


Week 1                             Obedience

Week 2-5                         Trained Retrieve

Week 6-7                          Steadiness with birds and introduction to easy multiple marks

Week 8                             Line to pile and continued marking

Week 9                             3 hand cast and marks

Week 10                          Single T and marks

Week 11                          Start 5 leg pattern and marks

Month 4                          De-cheat water, introduce dry land blinds and marks

Month 5 an beyond      Complex multiple marks and water blinds

Refresher Training

Short term refresher training is available for dogs who have already had substantial training.

Refresher training is not intended to teach dogs additional skills.

FC Brunnie