Morning Walk

The morning walk is one of the things which sets Rosebriar Kennel apart. Almost every morning all of the

trustees ( dog’s who can be trusted off leash ) take a 30-60 minute walk through the woods and fields.

Along the walk is a variety of terrain and cover as well as a smattering of game.

The walk plays an important role to many facets of a dog’s development. They learn social skills to get

along with and be respectful of 8-12 other dogs. They get great beneficial exercise which helps them

relax in their off time and makes them much more docile to train. Occasionally, they get to make game

in an unstructured way. In this way, they learn birds like to hang in the thickets and not on lawns or


Particularly for a dog who has spent lots of time in a more suburban environment, they get to learn

what it is to be a dog, have lots of fun and a tiny bit of mischief too. It’s magical to see the dogs come

alive as they learn what it truly means to be a dog.

Even after all these years of training, it still amazes me how much the morning walk helps the dogs with

every aspect of their life.