I grew up in Lakeville, Ct hunting grouse, geese and ducks over the family dogs.  In 1985, I purchased my first lab from Kirby Barrett of Ledgewood Kennel.  That dog, McCues Buddy, went on to become my first Master Hunter.

I've been training dogs for the public since  1988.  During that time I've trained over 500 dogs. These dogs have mostly been hunting dogs, but have also included spaniel and retriever Field Champions, including the 2006 Canadian National Field Champion, Comstocks Bodacious.  I have also trained 26 retriever Master Hunters [and counting], and 2017 ECSCA, High Point Open Dog FC Moreven Brunie.

I've been very fortunate to train with and learn from some legendary trainers over the years, including Bachman Doar, Pat Nolan, D.L. Walters and Ken Roebuck. I've also attended several Mike Lardy seminars.  Additionally I've been greatly influenced by obedience trainer, Bill Koehler.  My training doesn’t follow any one of these trainers precisely, but rather is a blend of each of their programs which works well for a very wide spectrum of dogs.

During the past 30 years, I have guided over a thousand bird hunts, both upland and water fowl.  Spending that much time afield has given me a great deal of knowledge as to what is required of a hunting dog. This depth of experience enables me to train both retrievers and spaniels from novice hunting dogs up to dogs who are capable of competing with the best dogs in North America.  I can see a dogs potential and train them to succeed.

Devil MH